For Expert Clutch Replacement in Dukinfield, Trust the Professionals

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Clutch Replacement in DukinfieldIf your vehicle needs a clutch replacement in Dukinfield, we’re available to assist. We offer a comprehensive range of services for clutch and gearboxes, regardless of the type and age of your vehicle. In addition, we are a long-established local business. As such, we ensure that our clients have access to the best trends, technologies and products available today. In turn, we’ve been able to stay ahead of current information in our trade. This means that our technicians can work with any kind of clutch and transmission issue. Furthermore, we have 10 ramps and that means we’re able to offer same day services on most models. In addition, we offer a 12-month warranty on recon boxes and clutches. If your car has broken down, we can provide a pick-up service at affordable prices.

Often clutch problems mean, in Dukinfield, a clutch replacement for your vehicle. This should be attended to as soon as possible. The clutch is the part that separates the engine from the wheels and helps you to change gears and stop while the engine is still running.  It consists of the clutch plate, flywheel and pressure plate. In general, the clutch is designed to last for between 80 000-150 000 km, depending on the driving conditions, terrain, and usage. If you feel the clutch is not smooth, that it sticks or if you hear grinding noises when you press it, these are warning signs. There are other symptoms such as poor acceleration though the engine seems to rev, a slipping clutch, and problems with changing the car’s gears.

A clutch replacement in Dukinfield should be done by a professional team. For over 23 years we have been providing an excellent service in repairs to gearboxes both manual and automatic. Our reconditioned clutches and other drive train products are much in demand all over the UK. If you are concerned about your car’s clutch and think it may need replacing, contact Tameside Transmissions. Replacing the clutch should take about 2-4 hours in our well-equipped garage by our highly trained and experienced technicians.