Efficient and Reliable Automatic Gearbox Repair in Oldham

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Automatic Gearbox Repair in OldhamAre you looking for top quality automatic gearbox repair in Oldham? At Tameside Transmissions, we offer reliable, affordable and excellent solutions for your clutch and gearbox issues. We have more than two decades’ experience in this sector and are established as the first choice service in Manchester. Our client base extends throughout this region and beyond. Our team of highly trained, experienced transmission mechanics cover the entire range of issues. We can help you with automatic and manual gearbox problems, van gearboxes, differentials, and all gearbox parts. Apart from repairs, we are also experts in reconditioning gearboxes, and making them fit for installation or supply anywhere in the country.

We specialise in almost all the leading makes of automatic transmission gearboxes. In Oldham, automatic gearbox repairs are one of our expert services. We can undertake repairs on the entire range from the early 3-speed to the latest technology. These transmissions are a huge boon in busy traffic, when you have to frequently stop and start, and shift gears on your vehicle. Another great benefit of auto transmission is that you can easily negotiate inclines and hill-mode without using the clutch. They’re also surprisingly low-maintenance. However, automatic gearbox repair may be necessary if you notice certain symptoms while driving. If the gear shift becomes rougher, or the engine revs without movement from the car, it could indicate that there may be problems with the transmission.

It is also important to know that as with anywhere else in the world, in Oldham automatic gearbox repair requires highly specialised skills. This is certainly not the job for DIY enthusiasts or the ordinary garage. Apart from it being a messy and challenging job, you need the right tools and equipment for the work. Get in touch with Tameside Transmissions for automatic gearbox repair. We can give you more information and quick, prompt service to suit your requirements. Automatic transmissions are complex pieces of automobile engineering. They contain more moving parts and computer-controlled parts. Their life is approximately about 120,000 km. Because of their complex nature, a replacement can be an expensive proposition. The earlier that problems are located and identified, the quicker you can get timely repairs done.