Clutch in Oldham

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Clutch in OldhamFor a top-quality clutch in Oldham, go to a trusted mechanic. Although we use vehicles daily, most people don’t understand how a car gets to move. In a vehicle, the engine generates power but movement is only achieved when the power is transferred to the drivetrain. The transmission of torque to the drivetrain. The clutch is responsible for the transfer of power from the engine to the transmission of the vehicle. The clutch system is simple but important for the performance of a vehicle. The system has several parts. The flywheel, pressure plate, clutch disc, pilot bushing and throwout bearing are key to the performance of a clutch system. When the system is engaged the pressure plate clamps the clutch disc against the flywheel passing on power to the transmission system. The pilot bushing guides input during engagement and disengagement while the throw-out bearing compresses the pressure plate levers disengaging the system.

Although it’s not important to understand how a clutch system works, when repairs are needed, it’s crucial to contact someone who does. In Oldham, clutch related problems are common. However, most are mishandled. The clutch system is delicate and it’s important that repairs are done professionally and comprehensively before the entire system is destroyed. Repairs to the components should be followed by a quick assessment of the entire system. If your flywheel is faulty, the pressure plate and the clutch disc will soon follow. At Tameside Transmissions, we carry out professional clutch repair services. Our staff has vast knowledge in the system and the latest equipment to match their skill. We do a thorough job on all vehicles that come to our garage. When it comes to the clutch system, we don’t make a compromise.

Only a trusted mechanic should repair a clutch in Oldham. Mechanical repairs require a skilled approach to avoid recurrence and for objective solutions. Sometimes replacement is better than repair. However, only a professional can tell the best way to solve clutch related problems. We are a renowned name when it comes to car transmission repairs. With over 40 years worth of experience in our staff, all your clutch problems are certain to be attended to. Call us today and get your clutch system fixed. We also do quick assessments and all our rates are affordable.