Automatic Gearbox Repair in Manchester

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Automatic Gearbox Repair in ManchesterAutomatic gearbox repair in Manchester is best done by a professional with experience and skill. A popular type of vehicle transmission for cars in the UK, automatic transmissions automatically select the correct gear for the driving conditions. Drivers simply have to put the vehicle’s gear selector into “D” for drive and the automatic transmission does the rest. Up until recently, automatic transmission vehicles were typically less fuel efficient than their manual transmission counterparts.

There are a number of signs that indicate your gearbox needs repair. In Manchester, automatic gearbox repair will be necessary when the transmission slips or hesitates, or if, while driving, you press on the pedal and the engine revs, but there’s no corresponding increase in speed. This can happen when first starting the car on a winter’s morning for the first time. Another sign that you may need an automatic gearbox repair is when you notice strange vibrations or shimmying sensations while you are driving. As your car’s transmission is an essential component for the car, it is absolutely essential that it undergoes regular maintenance as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

For professional automatic gearbox repair in Manchester, contact Tameside Transmissions. We provide a range of quality transmission services that cover everything from automatic and manual gearbox problems, van gearboxes, diffs, and gearbox parts to axles and clutches. Established for 20 years, we draw on more than 40 years’ combined experience as transmission mechanics. Our prices are competitive, and we are happy to match your best local quote. Our workshops have ample gearbox and clutch fitting and rebuilding facilities, along with multiple service ramps. This means that we can offer a fast and efficient turnaround on most jobs. We’ve recently opened a brand new, purpose-built facility, expanding our capacity to 10 ramps and improving our service for car owners who need gearbox repairs. For automatic gearbox repairs, feel free to speak to us about a free, no-obligation quote.